Why Shah Rukh Khan launches his mobile app?

Shah Rukh Khan new mobile app will be launched by the end of April 2017. It is used to increase fans to get a deep interaction into Shah Rukh Khan’s life.

Shah Rukh Khan is going to shock his fans by launching new mobile apps. It is creative behind this move is very easy. Shah Rukh Khan loves staying in connect with his fans and these apps will make it easier for both, him and his fans to stay connected and communicate with each other. In fact, the application has been already ready.


What is the purpose of a Shah Rukh mobile app?

Which is used to allow his millions of fans to access all his day to day activities, movie Projects. It will also help fans to stay connected with Shah Rukh and communicate with each other.

A couple months ago, Salman Khan had launched a special mobile app Being In Touch for his fans as he wanted to stay connected to them directly. These apps, which is already an impact among fans, allow users to access all of Salman’s social media posts on one platform.

Shah Rukh has also been using this application and has been giving day to day feedback to make the user experience better. SRK is now planning a special launch for it by the end of the month, maybe on April 22. It is going to be something that you have never seen before and all his fans will totally love it.

Nowadays, all the actors are interested in maintaining their own mobile app, Which helps to connect with the fans and also increase the usage of a mobile application. We are a top-rated Enterprise mobile app development company in the USA and we design and deploy Android, iPhone apps that make your business expands globally. We ensure to provide quality Mobile App Development to our clients and satisfy them in all possible manners.  



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